Gudi Padwa Time 2011 – Auspicious Muhurat on Gudi Padwa 4 April

Gudi Padwa, the first among the Sade Teen Muhurat (three and a half auspicious muhurats) in Hinduism, also marks the Marathi New Year. Gudi is hoisted on this day at every house in Maharashtra. The Gudi to be hoisted at sunrise on Monday (4 April 2011) morning. Aindra Yog is the most auspicious time to start new ventures on Gudi Padwa. It gives the performer best results and prosperity forever.

Aindra Yog begins at 6.20 am (sunrise) and ends at 10.20 am on April 4. After hoisting Gudi at your home, you can begin your work of starting new ventures like business, professional works, etc.

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