Gruhapravesham | Housewarming Ceremony

GruhaPravesham is a type of Hindu ceremony which is performed when an individual or a family enters into a new home. During this ceremony, various pujas and Homams would be done, in order to glorify the new home.Sometimes it would be performed even before the entire completion of the construction of the home.A learned Hindu priest or an astrologer would give a suitable date for performing the GrahaPravesh ceremony.

Among the various pujas, Vastu Puja would be done to Lord Vastu Bhagavan, in order to please him, and also to ward off the evil spirits from the new homes. Satyanarayana Puja, Ganapathy homam, Dhanvantri Homam, Lakshmi Narasimha Homam also would be done to please the deities. Mostly Graha Pravesh would be done during January month (Thai month), and August month (Avani month). GrahaPravesh would not be done on Tuesdays and other inauspicious days.

Mostly it would be done during early morning, and before doing this ceremony, worship must be made to Lord Ganapathy and Lord Surya Bhagavan, in the form of Surya Namaskaram.

In ancient times, people would grandly celebrate the GrihaPravesh ceremony when they purchase a new home, which would be mostly a big sized one, and all the relatives of the family members would participate in the event. Most of the people would be either self-occupied or would be engaged in agricultural activities, and they would be having their own farm lands. They would delightfully celebrate this ceremony along with their large number of friends and relatives.

Nowadays most of the people are purchasing flats, and they celebrate this ceremony only with a limited number of their relatives and with their family members. Most of the people are buying flats by obtaining home loans from banks/financial institutions, and due to that,even at the time of attending of puja, their thoughts would be mostly about the repayment of their home loan only, and they would also hurriedly participate in the function, and after the end of the function, even without eating proper food, they would rush to their offices, due to their busy schedule. But we cannot blame them also, since nowadays, due to the increase in cost of living,both of the couples are being employed, in order to earn for their livelihood.

It is suggested for the people who buy new homes, to worship the holy gurus like Shirdi Saibaba and Guru Raghavendra Swamigal, before the start of the GrihaPravesh ceremony, in order to live in their newly built homes in a peaceful and prosperous manner.

Recently I have done Grahapravesham to my new home, by performing Ganapathy Homam.


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