Sri Govindashtakam was written by the great Advaita Saint Sri AdiShankaracharya, in praise of Lord Krishna. This poem was praised by millions and millions of Hindus, and this wonderful song was sung by Smt. M.S.Subbulakshmi in her melodious voice, and still now this song can be heard in the temples of Lord Krishna, and also in the households of devotees of Lord Krishna.

The contents from the divine poem are as follows:

I salute Lord Govinda who is the giver of happiness, wisdom and mental stability.

He is the one, who gives immediate solutions for our problems and removes the illusion in our mind, and he is the affectionate husband of Ma Lakshmi.

I salute Govinda who showered his sincere affection on his foster mother Ma Yashoda, and shown to her the entire universe by opening his mouth.

I salute the holy Govinda who killed various dreaded demons, and reduced the burden of earth, and he is the one who loves eating butter, and used to steal butter from the homes of his neighbours, like their lovely child, and he was loved by everyone in the world, and let him give peace and prosperity to everyone in this earth.

I salute Govinda who protects all the living beings including the holy cows, and showered his sincere affection on the Gopikas, and revealed his true form to them.

I salute Govinda, who stays in the souls of all the living beings in the earth. And his significance cannot be realized by us fully unless we keep sincere bhakti on him.

I salute the great Govinda who playfully hidden the clothes of the women in order to destroy the illusion from their mind.

I salute the great Govinda who had fought with the great serpent Kaliya in the Holy River Ma Yamuna and removed his ego.

I salute the great Govinda who is worshipped by the divine demigods, by the holy sages, and by the noble people.

Whoever recites this Govindashtakam with full of devotion in their mind, would be blessed by Lord Krishna, and they would be relieved from their sins, and would get all kinds of prosperity in their lives.


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