Goshtashtami is an auspicious vrata observed in Kartik Month and is dedicated to Gomata. In 2021, Goshtashtami Vrata date is November 11. It falls on Shukla Paksha Ashtami in Kartika Masam in Hindu calendar.

According to a legend, Nanda Maharaj sent his kids Krishna and Balarama to herd the cows for the first time on this day. Thus on this day, Balarama and Krishna became qualified cowherds.

On Goshtashtami day, Go Puja is performed. Cows are given bath on this day and decorated with colourful clothes and shawls and adorned with necklaces. Cows are offered special food offerings on this day.

कार्तिके यष्टामि शुक्ल ज्ञेय गोपष्टामि बुधै !
तत्र कुर्यात गवां पूजां गोग्रसं गो प्रदक्षिणं !!

Kartike Yashtami Shukla jneya Gopashtami budhai !
Tatra kuryat gavam pujam gograsam go pradkashinam !!

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