Lets donate Golden Spear to Muruga

Lord Murugan

Lord Murugan

Lets donate Golden Spear to Muruga.. Lord Muruga is the son of Lord Shiva, and he cannot be neglected by us while offering our daily prayers to other deities. Lord Muruga was born out of the third eye spark of Lord Shiva, and hence he contains the features of his father Lord Shiva. In the famous text, Sri Skanda Purana, Rishi Veda Vyasa mentions, that Lord Muruga holds the entire universe on his eyes.

Similar to worshipping Lord Muruga, his divine spear, also popularly known as “VEL”, is also worshipped by considering it to be a form of Lord Muruga. Even in some Murugan temples, only “VEL” worship is prevalent, and devotees used to worship it by considering it to be the idol of Lord Muruga. Staunch Murugan Devotees would also name their male children as “MURUGAVEL”, “VELAYUDHAM”, “VELMURUGAN”, and they would also name their female children as “VELAMMA”, “VELAYINI”, and as “VELINI”.

Similar to offering ornaments and money to the Murugan Temples, we can also offer silver, golden or a diamond “VEL” to Lord Muruga, based on our financial status. Once Lord Muruga had appeared in the dream of his staunch devotee Sri Pamban Swamigal, and he miraculously cured his leg fracture by inserting his VEL on the wound. Likewise, still through his powerful VEL instrument, Lord Muruga cures the diseases of his devotees, and also removes their sins. Even we can buy a “VEL” instrument from the Puja shops, and keep it in our puja room, in order to regularly perform milk bath to the divine instrument.

Once, when a staunch devotee has cut his tongue and offered it to Lord Muruga by putting it in a Murugan Temple Hundial, miraculously, in course of time, his tongue began to grow, after he donated a pair of golden spears to the Murugan Temple. Similar towards doing Annadanam in the Murugan Temples, rich magnanimous Murugan devotees must come forward to generously offer the “VEL” instrument(Divine Spear) as a donation to the Murugan Temples.

As per the golden proverb, “Why fear when Lord Muruga’s Spear is there”, we need not worry about anything in our life, once if we offer a VEL instrument to a Murugan Temple. If we belong to a poor or a middle class family, even we can donate “VEL” made out of Silver metal, to Lord Muruga, either individually or otherwise by collecting funds from our friends, relatives and from our well-wishers.

I am willingly touch the legs of the kind hearted devotees of Lord Muruga, to generously donate the “VEL” instruments, as much as possible, to the temples of Lord Muruga, in order to get all kinds of prosperity in their lives.

MURUGANADIMAI (A Slave to Lord Muruga)

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