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Gogaji was born on 9th century AD, at a village in Rajasthan, and his family members were sincere devotees of the supreme Guru Gorakhnath. Gogaji is believed to be an amsha of Lord Vasuki, a famous snake god. He was born to a Rajput ruler, and his mother was a pious and a kind hearted queen, who gave birth to him, after sincerely meditating on Guru Gorakhnath for several years.

Gogaji was a brave warrior and due to his valour, all the people in his kingdom liked him very much, and treated him with great respect. He was a generous ruler, and he founded free food centres throughout his kingdom and through that, he relieved the hunger and thirst of the people in his kingdom. He also constructed lot of rest houses in his kingdom, for making the tired travellers to stay at those places. His devotees are living in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, and also in some parts of North India.

Every year a grand festival would be held at Gogamedi, in Rajasthan during the month of August in memory of Gogaji. As per legend, it is believed that the great Gogaji had attained samadhi at Gogamedi. Still now lot of devotees visit his Samadhi Shrine during the festival season.

It is believed that by worshipping Lord Gogaji at his Samadhi shrine, we would get relieved from snake bikes and poisonous fevers. Still now Lord Gogaji appears in the dream of his sincere devotees, and blesses them.

During the time of his festival, his devotees would sing wonderful songs on him, and some of the verses from the divine songs are as follows:

I have got my daily food through the grace of Bhagwan Gogaji!
Oh Gogaji! You are my sweet and kind hearted Gogaji! Oh Gogaji!

Oh Gogaji! Oh Oh Gogaji! You are acting as the parent for the orphaned children, and you are acting as the holy child for the issue-less couples!

Oh Gogaji! You are protecting your sincere devotees throughout their life, and you are removing the diseases from the body of the devotees, and you are enlightening them!

God is sending these types of holy people to this earth, in order to lend their helping hand to their devotees, and they acts as a mediator between us and the almighty. In this difficult Kaliyuga, pious persons like Gogaji is very much needed by us, since by reciting their name itself, we are getting very much delighted, and we are able to forget our worries, and also somehow we are able to lead our life peacefully.


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