Godha | A Rich Princess who turned into Great Rishi

Godha was born as a rich princess, who was later become a great female rishi, and her significance was mentioned in Rig Veda (10.134). She has written some texts in Rig Veda, and added beauty to our Hindu Scriptures. She has trained in all kinds of arts, and when she was about to get married, suddenly she has changed her mind, and left from her palace. She had wandered in the Himalayan Mountains, and took shelter in the Ashram of Holy Rishis. The Rishis and Rishi Patnis took proper care on her, and treated as their own daughter.

She came to know that without realizing the great almighty, one cannot attain moksha, and hence she had done severe penance on Lord Krishna, and as a result, she had the divine vision of Krishna for several times in her life. She had enjoyed the sweetness of spirituality, and shared her knowledge with her disciples. Even the wild animals and birds moved with her in a friendly manner, and they raised a peculiar sound, whenever she chants the Vedas.

She also had the darshan of Rishi Narada, and heard the holy Bhagavatha Purana from his mouth. As a result, she developed more bhakti on Lord Krishna, and began to write wonderful songs on Lord Krishna, and used to sing it in her melodious voice.

Some of the verses from her songs are as follows:-

1. Oh! My Dear Krishna! You are the Paramatma for me! And without realizing you, we cannot get spiritual enlightenment in our life.

2. Oh! My Sweet child Krishna! I want you to take Krishna avatar once again, in order to change the minds of the evil minded people, and to inculcate the Bhakti spirit in their minds.

3. Oh! My Lovely Krishna! Your name and fame are spreading day by day! Your wonderful leelas are being regularly told by the Bhagavathas, and as a result, people are getting very much delighted and they want to know more and more about you.

4. Oh! My Krishna! I cannot imagine how your small lotus hands had killed hundreds of demons in the Vrindavan.

5. Oh! My Young Krishna! Due to your compassion and affection, the Pandavas were got back their kingdom and they ruled it for several years during the previous Dwapara Yuga.

6. Oh! My affectionate Krishna, I want to see once again the miracles performed by you when you were playing in the form of small child along with other cowherd boys.

7. Oh! My Lord! Please open your mouth, and talk some sweet words to me.

8. Oh! My Krishna, you have removed the badness from the minds of the Vrindavan people, and gave great spiritual pleasure to the Gopikas, and made them as your permanent slaves.

9. Oh! My Krishna, even the great sages cannot see your true form. Please show your true form, and give salvation to me.


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