Goddess Hinglaj Mata (Hingula Devi)

hinglaj mata temple pakistan

hinglaj mata temple pakistan

Goddess Hinglaj Mata (Hingula Devi) is a manifestation of Goddess Shakti. Goddess Hingula is one of the 108/51/52 deities who were emerged as Shakti Peetha Temples in Bharat Varsha. Read about Hinglaj Mata Shakti Peetha Temple in Baluchistan…

The History of Goddess Hinglaj Mata..

As per the history given in the ancient Scriptures, Sati, a daughter of Daksha Prajapathi was married to Lord Shiva. Once Daksha arranged Brahspati Sav-Yajna at Kankhal near Haridwar. Brahma was the chief guest. Daksha invited all the Devtas but totally ignored Shiva who was known as Supreme among the Devtas. Narad Muni flashed this message to Sati and Shiva. They felt insulted. But even then Sati insisted that they should join the Yajna since there was no harm in going to father’s residence for a daughter even if she had not been invited.

Lord Shiva refused to accompany her but said he won’t mind if Sati insisted on attending Raja Daksh’s Yajna. Sati could not restrain herself and went to Kankhal. She found that no space had been earmarked for her husband at the Yajna site. No body attended her rather she had to listen derogatory remarks from her father for her husband. Feeling highly insulted , Sati immolated herself in the Yajna-Kund.

When Lord Shiva learnt about the immolation, he sent his messengers to disturb the Yajna. They created panic there and separated Daksh’s head from his body, the same head was later thrown in to the Yajna-Kund. Later Shiva took her wife’s dead body on his shoulders and started wandering in the hilly areas , dancing about like a demented creature. The angles , fearing a premature end of the world, approached Lord Vishnu requesting him to contain lord Shiva so that the living world could be saved. Lord Vishnu converted Sati’s dead body into pieces. Wherever a piece fell down, a Shakti Peeth developed there. This was how 52 Shakti Peeths emerged in undivided Hindustan. Shri Hinglaj is one of them.

Since, according to the myth, Sati’s head with its Hingul (Sindhoor, Vermillion) fell at this place on the hills, it was named as Hingul Parvat and the Peeth was known as Shri Hinglaj Mata Asthan. This Peeth is considered supreme because Sati’s head had fallen here.

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