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Goddess Durga’s Arrival, Departure for Navratri Durga Puja 2013

Durga on Tiger

Durga on Tiger

Goddess Durga’s Arrival, Departure for Navratri Durga Puja 2013 predictions, indications…

In 2013, Goddess Durga is arriving on a horse (Ashwa vahana) and will leave for Kailash on a buffalo (Mahisha). This is according to the day of Ghatasthapana of Sharadiya Navaratra. Mithila Panchag, Kashi Panchang of Varanasi, and all other Drik Panchangs follow the Navratri procedure while Bengali people follow Durga Puja method of worship which begins on Durga Sashti. The arrival of Durga Mata on a horse implies political instability in India.

According to Bangla panchangs such as Gupta Press Panjika and Vishudh Siddhant, Maa Durga’s arrival is on a palanquin (dola) this year, while she will leave on an elephant. Goddess Durga’s arrival on a dola is a bad omen as it brings drought and floods. However, her departure on an elephant is auspicious as it that will bring good harvest and greenery next year.

Goddess Durga arrival, departure during Navratri Puja is considered very significant. The vehicles on which Goddess Durga comes and goes on the first day and the last day of Navratri respectively represents the coming year’s harvest, prosperity, happiness, wealth, health, etc, for people.

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