God Never Utilise His Power Unnecessarily

Krishna no-watermark

Krishna no-watermark

Though god contains abundant powers, but he would never utilise it unnecessarily, since he contains very good characteristics, which cannot be found with ordinary mortals like us. When Rishi Uthanga tried to curse Lord Krishna, the great Lord revealed his Viswaroopa form to him, and made him to understand that whatever things done by the Lord, is being done for some purpose only. Likewise, when Lord Varuna didn’t appear before Rama, Lord Rama became very angry, and invoked lot of powerful arrows on to the ocean, and he has done like this, only in case of extraordinary situations.

Once Swamy Vivekanda kept worrying about the ancient temples which was destroyed during the time of Mughal invasion, and he got the answer from Ma Kali Devi, during his night dream. The great Divine Mother answered to his queries, “Oh my dear Narendra, why you are worrying about the pathetic condition of the temples, and about the damage of temple idols. Those who have done like this, were done purely with the intention of damaging the god! Will it be possible for anyone to destroy me? They could destroy only the temple idols, but they could never destroy the original gods present in those idols. If I am interested, I could build thousands of big temples within a fraction of second. But I would never use my powers for my own sake. Hence, never worry neither about me, nor about the temples. Instead try to help the people in the earth as much as possible through your divine lectures. Make them to concentrate their attention on Bhakti path, since that only would lead them to the path of heaven”.

Lord Vishnu when he was incarnated as Lord Venkateswara, for a long time, he meditated only on an ant hill, and he didn’t like to stay in a big palace, though he could do it with his abundant powers. For his marriage, he has borrowed money from Lord Kubera, though he has got enough powers to procure money on his own. But some rich and influential people in the earth, thinks that they can do anything with their powers, and some of them are also committing crimes by misusing their powers. Vitamin “M”, Money, is not only sufficient to live a satisfied life, since, we should also have sufficient Vitamin “B”, Bhakti, in order to live our life comfortably, peacefully and happily and also to avoid any kind of mishap in our lives.


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