Ghode Jatra 2012 in Nepal, Fair of Horses during Chaiti Dashain

Ghode Jatra is a fair of horses celebrated in Chaitra month in Nepal during Chaiti Dashain. It marks the victory of good over evil and the triumph over a demon called Tundi. In 2012, Ghode Jatra date is March 22. It is celebrated on the fourteenth day of dark fortnight in Chaitra month (Chaitra Krishna Chaturdasi). Newars of Kathmandu celebrate this feast for several days. During the festival, the idols of the goddesses (Bhadrakali and Kankeswari) are taken in a procession in small chariots.

A demon called Gurumampa is also worshipped in Ghode Jatra festival. Tundikhel is a play ground where the ghode jatra is celebrated. This ritual is known as ‘Pahachare Puja’.

The Nepali Army organizes horse races and acrobatic performances during the Ghode Jatra in Tundikhel parade ground. Kumari, the living Goddess, also witnesses the Ghode Jatra. This will be her one of the rare public appearances.

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