Gandi Anjaneya Swamy Temple

Gandi Anjaneya Swamy Temple is one of the famous Hanuman Temples in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh.

Gandi Anjaneya Swamy Temple is built on the foot of a hill on the western side of the river Papaghni. It has gain a great name and fame a Vayu Kshethra.

Papaghni river goes in this place from south to north in between two hills. A legend says, that Lord Rama visited this place in his return journey from Lanka. To welcome Rama Vayu the father of Anjaneya hung a wreath of golden flowers across the ravine. Before leaving this place Rama carved the figure of Anjaneya on a rock.

The people here believe that it is visible to the sacred souls at the approach of their death time. Sir Thomas Manro, the farmer British Governor, was fortunate enough to see it when he passed near that ravine.

The stone praakaaram around the sanctum sanctorum is said to have been built by one Tirupathi Seshanna in 1911. The devotees from far places visit this temple in the month of Sravana.

How to reach: It is 55 Kms from Cuddapah city and 8 Km from Vempalli on the Vempalli-Rayachoty route.

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  1. Praveen Myakala says:

    This religious place called as Gandi Kshetram.. huge number of pilgrims visit this place every day.