Gandaki River | Story of Holy River Gandaki

Gandaki River originates from Nepal, and it flows through Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. It is considered as one of the sacred rivers, and Mata Gandaki is a very pious mother River Goddess, who is an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu.

As per ancient legend, once there lived a pious girl and her name was “Gandaki”, and she was born in the family of dancers. As per their customs, the girl has to dance before wealthy people and the kings, in order to attract them. But since she was a staunch devotee of Vishnu, she wanted to dance only in front of the deity of Lord Vishnu.

But due to the compulsion of her mother, once Gandaki was asked to dance before a wealthy person, and he was suffering from leprosy disease.She was asked by her mother to look after him properly. Gandaki served him in a proper manner similar to his wife, and showed great attention to him.

But suddenly the wealthy man had died. Then when Gandaki tried to fall in the fire,suddenly to the surprise of everyone, the wealthy man got up, and he has become very healthy, and then he took his original form as Lord Vishnu and blessed her.

Then Lord Vishnu has asked her to become the holy River Gandaki, and Lord Vishnu has also turned into a holy stone, and he said, that he would permanently dwell with her, by staying in the Gandaki River.

Accordingly, Lord Vishnu had become the holy stone also called as Shaligrama and floats in the River Gandaki.

According to Lord Vishnu, worshipping the holy Shaligrama and the Holy River Gandaki would cleanse the sins of the devotees, and they would get all kinds of prosperity in their life. The Shaligrams can be found in different colours, such as black, red, blue, yellow & green. Shaligramas are the forms of Lord Vishnu, and keeping it in our puja room, and performing puja to the holy Shaligrama would give good fortunes to us.

If anyone gets an opportunity to visit Kailash Mansarovar, they can visit the Pashupathinath Temple at Nepal, and also they can visit the holy Mata Gandaki River, and the Vishnu Shaligrama. Even we can collect the holy Shaligramas from River Gandaki, and can take it to our homes.

Those who are unable to visit the holy River can watch it in the YouTube Channel and they can get delighted by seeing the natural divine beauty of Ma Gandaki.


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