Rishi Galava | Disciple of Vishwamitra Maharshi

Galavawas a powerful rishi and he lived during the previous Dwapara Yuga. He was the disciple of Vishwamitra Maharishi.

Galava was highly praised for his guru bhakti. After studying the Vedic subjects from Vishwamitra, Galava had brought a peculiar kind of white horse, by praying to Lord Garuda. On seeing his guru bhakti, Vishwamitra had blessed him and returned the white horse to him. When Vishwamitra went to the Rishi Mandala, he also took his noble disciple Galava along with him, and it is believed that, still now, both of them are performing meditation on Lord Shiva in the Rishi Mandala, and gaining lot of spiritual powers, day by day.

Galava was mentioned in ancient texts, and his greatness is also described in that. He had dedicated almost his entire life towards providing worthy service to his guru Vishwamitra. Galava had disciples and he taught spiritual aspects to them in order to attain SALVATION.
People with Galava gotra are still living in Haryana and they are considered as the descendants of Rishi Galava.


1. Guru Bhakti would help us to attain Mukti.

2. Guru is superior to us, and he has to be worshipped first, before worshipping the god.

3. Serving the Guru would cleanse our mind, and our bad karmas would be wiped out, and we would get liberation.

4. No one can reach the spiritual path without the help of the holy guru.

5. A true guru would guide us, protect us and purify us.

6. We can see the entire world in the hands of the guru.

7. A guru would never teach wrong things in our life, and he would make us to shine brighter in our life.

8. Worshipping the guru without bhakti would be of no use.

9. We can sacrifice our lives also for the sake of our guru.

10. Gurus are nothing but the divine avatars of the almighty.

11. By sincerely worshipping the guru, even the holy river goddesses, would praise and bless us.

12. Gurus are the blessed souls, and they cannot be ignored in our life.

Let us worship the great Rishi Galava and be blessed.


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