Gajuwaka Ganesha’s 8000 Kgs Laddu for Guinness Records

82-feet Gajuwaka Ganesha idol’s 8000 Kgs Laddu is all set to break Guinness Records for biggest Laddu ever in the world. In 2015, Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations have begun on 17 September and will end on 27 September with Vinayaka Nimajjanam (Anantha Chaturdashi).

The 82-feet Ganesha idol installed at Gajuwaka by the Visakha Integrated Social Welfare Association (VISWA) with support from NRIs is all set to receive a record-busting, gigantic 8-tonne (8,000 kg) laddu. According to the Laddu makers, this mammoth Laddu costs them around 16.5 lakh rupees.

The 8-tonne laddu, prepared by Tapeswaram-based sweets maker Sri Bhakta Anjaneya Sweets, is also gunning for a new Guinness Record for this biggest laddu. Sri Bhakta Anjaneya Sweet already has four Guinness Records to its credit for making large ‘laddus’, and is aiming to better its own record by preparing the mammoth 8-tonne laddu.

It made a laddu weighing 5,570 kg in 2011, 6,599 kg in 2012, 7,132 kg in 2013 and a 7,858 kg laddu last year.

As per the owner of Sri Bhakta Anjaneya Sweets Saladi Venkateswara Rao this is the fifth consecutive year that they have prepared huge laddus, with the biggest one weighing 8,000 kg and the other about 6,400 kg (excluding the bowl that alone weighs a whopping 875 kg), for the two tallest Ganesha idols installed in Andhra Pradesh.

For this gigantic laddu, the makers used around 2,900 kg Panchadara (sugar), 2,300 kg Senegapindi (tur dal), 1,100 kg ghee, 700 kg sugar chips, 800 kg dry fruits, 40 kg of cardamom and 10 kg camphor for the 8,000 kg laddu. And the Laddu was prepared in just 6 hours.

In addition to the 8-tonne laddu, a 6,400-kg laddu is being prepared for Vijayawada-based Dundi Ganesh Seva Samithi which is installing a 63-feet Natya Ganesh idol.

Another Tapeswaram-based sweets manufacturer, Surchi Sweets produced a 5,995 kg laddu for the 59-feet Ganesha idol installed by Thrishatimaya Moksha Ganapathi mandal at Khairtabad, Hyderabad in Telangana.

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