Indian Freedom Fighters

During the last two centuries, freedom fighters had contributed a lot towards getting freedom for India. They have struggled hard and even gave their life for making the country into an independent India. Most prominent freedom fighters who participated in the freedom fighting movement are like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Nehru, V.O.C (Vallinayagan Ulaganathan Chidambaram), Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Vanchinathan etc.

Even after getting freedom, we are getting threats from countries like Pakistan and China with regard to their area sharing at the Indian borders. Our government is excellently tackling the situation, and making the country to maintain strict law and order, and at the same time is making peace talks with the government of China and Pakistan. Apart from this problem, various other problems like poverty, unemployment, poor cultivation of crops and clashes between the people are also getting solved to a reasonable extent.

Freedom fighters are considered as our divine saviours. Most of them were imprisoned by the British people, and were severely tortured inside the prison. Vanchinathan had killed Ash Durai, and immediately killed himself by raising the slogan “VANDE MATARAM”. They are considered as the real sons of the Indian soil. Mahatma Gandhi had fought for the freedom in a non-violent manner.

Even though India is trying its level best to become a developed country from the present stage of developing country, since it is facing lot of problems from various other angles, it will take some more years, to make our nation into a prosperous developed country.

Some freedom fighters were lost their eye sight and were badly wounded during the time of their imprisonment. They have done all these for the sake of us only. Because of their sacrifice only, now we are peacefully and safely living in this independent India. Hence let us salute all the freedom fighters, those who were actively participated in getting freedom for India.


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