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    Janmashtami celebrations in Mumbai.. Let us discuss about Sri Krishna Janmashtami celebrations in Mumbai and suburbs of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

    Rajesh yadav

    I am a resident of Navi Mumbai. We celebrate Sri Krishna Janmashtami grandly. Janmashtami is the birth day of lord Sri Krishna. The festival is celebrated in August-September in Hindu Calender.

    We celebrate janmashtami by fasting till mid night. Janmashtami popularly known as Dahi Handi in Mumbai and Pune.

    Govinda troops all over city will participate in Dahi Handi competitions. Winners will be awarded with checks and gifts …

    siddarth Pandit

    Janmashtami, which marks the birthday of Lord Krishna is being celebrated with much fanfare across the country.

    Mumbai too witnessed enthusiastic celebrations, with young Boys forming human pyramids to reach a pot “dahi handi” located at a considerable height, often lured by attractive prize money.


    Janmaashtami (Gokulashtami), popularly known in mumbai as Dahi Handi in Mumbai , is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm in Mumbai. Handis (mud or clay pots) are are hung up at nearly every nookard (corner) of the city.

    Various professional and amateur groups of people and groups of youngsters buzz around mumbai in truckloads trying their skils at forming human pyramids to break as many handis, Well! these handis are not only filled with Dahi (curd) but comes with a packet of hard cash which ranges from few hundreds to several thousands.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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