Divine Flowers for Puja | Importance of Flowers in Hinduism

Puja Flowers in Hinduism

Puja Flowers in Hinduism

Among god’s several creations, flowers are considered as the most beautiful thing, and it is auspicious, and used to decorate the deities of the gods and goddesses. Without the presence of flowers, there would be no puja performance to the deities. Each and every flower holds a special significance and must be chosen based on the requirement of the gods and goddesses.

By adorning flowers to the god, he would get satisfied and would offer various boons to us, and our life would prosper and we would shine well in our career path.

The fragrance of the flowers creates a positive vibration in the minds of the devotees, and they would get a greater sense of satisfaction if they offer it to the god with full of devotion in their mind.

Following are various important types flowers offered to the deities:

1. Jasmine
It is considered as a fragrant flower and contains medicinal value. And it is the favourite flower of the great Lord Hanuman, and it can be offered to him by chanting his favourite mantra “JAI SRIRAM”. By adorning jasmine flowers to Hanuman, we would get good strength in our mind and body.

2. Palash
Palash flowers are the favourite flower of Mata Saraswati. And the puja to Saraswati would get complete only if we adorn her with Palash flowers.

3. Marigold
It is the favourite flower of Lord Ganesha, the first god,and we can adorn him with these flowers, so that he would remove the obstacles in our life, and our life would become more fruitful.

4. Lotus
It is the most favourite flower of Goddess Lakshmi and by adorning it to her we would get good health as well as we would have sufficient wealth.

5. Parijata
It is the favourite flower of Lord Vishnu. It is considered as a flower equivalent to the parijata flowers found in the Indra Lok, the abode of Lord Indra Bhagawan.

6. Red Hibiscus
Kali likes this flower very much. We can decorate her with these flowers, and can get her grace.

7. Crown Flower
It is the Lord Shiva’s favourite flower. And it is adorned to the Shivalingam during the Shiva puja.

8. Nerium Oleander
Favourite flower of Mata Durga and mainly offered to her during the Durga Puja.

9. Purple Orchid
It is also a favourite flower of Lord Shiva. And Shiva would be pleased if we perform puja to him using these flowers.

10. Datura
It is also one of the favourite flowers of Lord Shiva. By decorating him with these flowers, our bad habits like ego, anger and lust would vanish.

Let us adorn the gods and the goddesses with their favourite flowers, and be blessed.

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    could you show the photographs of these flowers?