Flours, Pseudo grains as Ekadashi Food?

The list of flours and Pseudo grains that may be used on Ekadashi is provided here..

On the days of Ekadashi, according to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, only certain flours and pseudo grains that may be used for consumption on these auspicious days.

They are as follows:

Rajgira atta or Amaranth Flour, this is milled from the seeds of amaranth plant. This flour has higher percentage of protein, more fiber than rice and wheat plus amino acid lysine. It can be used in baking mixes, cookies, cereals and crackers. In wholefood shops, it is known as “puffed cereal”.

Arrowroot Flour is milled from the rootstalks of a tropical plant. In desserts and sauces, it is used as a thickener. It doesn’t add any starchy flavor and dissolves well in water. It is mostly used in cookies that are given to young children and infants. It is also used as a substitute to corn flour.

Buckwheat Flour is the usual ingredient in pancake mixes. Buckwheat groats can be cooked well like rice. The flour comes in dark, medium and light varieties.

Chestnut Flour is tan flour that is milled from chestnuts. This flour is low fat and meaty, that is often used as a vegetable. It is used in making traditional desserts.

Potato Flour or potato starch is made with steamed potatoes that are dried well and then ground to flour. It is largely used in traditional dishes, making curry and baked items.

The other flours used are Quinoa flour, Tapioca flour and Water-chestnut flour that are used as best starch in preparing traditional dishes and curry items for consumption on the days of Ekadashi.

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