Fear of Death

At some time or other time, every one of us, would be having the fear about our death, and people would be regularly thinking about their death, irrespective of their position. In general, even a very poor person would worry about his death, and he also would pray to the god to give a long life for him.

According to the surveys made in the foreign countries, even the blind and the old people wants to live for many years, at least by the way of struggling in their life. Even in case of some people, who lay down in their sick bed, would be interested to live their life at least by the way of spending their time in their beds.

According to the sayings of the great saint Sri Shirdi Baba, though people prefers to live a long life, but when their death time comes, immediately the great Lord Sri Yama Dharma would take away their lives within a fraction of seconds time. He would never wait even for a minute. Even the great sages and saints have taken many births, and after coming across many hurdles in their life, finally due to the grace of the almighty, they have attained salvation.

According to me, if we are good persons, then there is no need to worry about our death. Worrying about our death and trying to know about our life after death is of no use, since we didn’t know about our death time, and also we doesn’t know about after next birth. We have got only limited powers, and we are aware of only a few things in our life. We didn’t know, when we will enjoy, when we will suffer, since everything is already predetermined by the god, and we cannot judge about our laid down fate.

Only those who have done lot of bad activities in their lives would have to worry about their death. At our last stages of life, we are unable to do good deeds in our life, hence in order to get a painless and a fearless death, we have to do lot of good activities in our life from our young age onwards, and we must not cause harm to others, and we must be god fearing persons.

Let us pray to the death god Lord Yama Bhagavan, in order to get a peaceful death.


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