Evrat Jivrat Vrat 2021

Evrat Jivrat Vrat is observed mainly in Gujarat in Ashad Maas. In 2021, Evrat Jivrat Vrat begins on 6 August and ends on 8 August.

Evrat Jivrat Vrat is observed by married women for better health and longevity of their husbands. For three days, from Ashad Vad Trayodashi to Ashad Amavasya, married women offer special pujas and special naivedyas to Goddess and seek blessings from Maa. It is said that fasting and Jagran are the key aspects of this vrata.

This Vrat is observed for five years by offering alms to poor brahmins or to the needy people. Evrat Jivrat Vrat Katha or the story of this vrat is related to a Brahmin couple named Dharmadas and Shraddha of Kanakpur town.

Some say, Evrat Jivrat is also referred as Divaso or Jaya Vijaya Vrat in some places.

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