Eloji | Gram Devta in Rajasthan

Eloji is a village god of Rajasthan. His beautiful Statues would be found in almost all the villages of Rajasthan. He is the most beloved deity for all the people belonging to Rajasthan. He is considered to be an incarnation of love god, Lord Manmadha (Kamdev), and he helps the newly wedded couple to properly unite with each other, without any clashes among them, and also would give them lovely child from their union. He also stops the divorces and frequent clashes among the couple, and develops strong bondage between them.

He is an ancient god, and he has been worshipped by the village people in Rajasthan since thousands of years. His appearance looks very attractive, and he is a strong Deva with a big Mustache on his face, and contains a big stomach, and a piece of cloth is tied on his head.

Festivals would be celebrated at his temples during winter season, and devotional songs in praise of him would be sung by the village people, and they would seek his blessings by performing pujas to him. Most of the newly wedded couple would visit his holy shrine and worship him in a whole heartedly manner for their well-being.

Some of the verses from the songs are as follows:

1. Oh! My divine father Eloji, please grant us a noble child similar to you and give us a blessed life.

2. Oh! The great Lord Eloji, through your grace, even the infertile crops would turn into fertile, the blind would be able to see the world, and dumb and deaf would be able to talk and hear.

3. Oh! My dear Lord, you are hearing our cries, and we believe you, that you would come forward and reduce the sufferings in our life.

4. Oh! My great Lord, you are the love god, Manmadha, please protect us throughout in our life, and act as a guardian to us.

5. Oh! My beloved Eloji, you are the universal god, and the entire people in this earth are supposed to worship you, in order to get your divine grace.


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