Eleventh House in Horoscope (Labha Sthana in Vedic Astrology)

The Eleventh House in Horoscope refers to the gains, freedom from misery, acquisitions in business and the relations with brothers, friends, daughter in law, son in law, competitors and partners in the life of the native.

The eleventh house also indicates the income, fulfillment of desires, nature of earnings, rewards and recognitions, favours from the government, ancestral property, longevity of the mother and materialistic enjoyments in the life. The legs, left ear, left upper limb and recovery from disease are indicated from this house.

Effects of Sun in Eleventh House : When Sun is benefic, the native will receive good benefits from the government and lead a comfortable life. Malefic Sun will indicate a short life span.

Effects of Moon in Eleventh House : When Moon is benefic, the native will enjoy good comforts in life and have good family life. Malefic Moon will indicate lack of peace of mind to the native.

Effects of Mercury in Eleventh House : When Mercury is benefic, the native’s children will be well educated and have a good married life. Malefic Mercury will cause loss of wealth and peace of mind and also loss of reputation.

Effects of Venus in Eleventh House : When Venus is benefic, the native will receive favours from his wife and her brothers. Malefic Venus will indicate lack of progeny and peace of mind.

Effects of Mars in Eleventh House : When Mars is benefic, the native will be courageous and have good prospects in business. Malefic Mars will indicate loss of ancestral property.

Effects of Jupiter in Eleventh House : When Jupiter is benefic, the native will be lucky and lead a comfortable life. Malefic Jupiter will indicate misery to the wife , sisters and daughters of the native.

Effects of Saturn in Eleventh House : When Saturn is benefic, the native will earn good wealth and be happy. Malefic Saturn will spoil his moral character and he will get addicted to alcohol.

Effects of Rahu in Eleventh House : When Rahu is benefic, the native will have good ancestral property and enjoy his wealth. Malefic Rahu will mean spoilt relation with father and health related issues.

Effects of Ketu in Eleventh House : When Ketu is benefic, it will give good wealth to the native. Malefic Ketu will indicate problems related to health, especially the abdomen.

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