Effects of Jupiter in 4th House (Brihaspati in Sukha Sthana)

Effects of Jupiter in 4th House, Positive effects of Jupiter in House No. 4, Negative effects of Jupiter in 4th House..

Positive Effects of Jupiter in 4th House

The Jupiter gets exalted  in House No. 4 and the native will be famous like Lord Indra and King Vikramaditya. He will draw spiritual power and strength from his maternal side. Saturn, Moon, Venus and Mars will work together and give him excellent results.

A planet in House No. 3 will never give malefic results. He will have all items of comfort like agriculture, milk and animals. He would also have a very good family life.

When Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Saturn or not evil he would keep learning till 24 years and would get help from hidden sources. He would also be brave like his father.

When Sun and Mars are beneficial the father would get a high position blessed with power and authority.

When Moon is in House No. 1 and Saturn is in House No. 10 he would enjoy all comforts of mode of travel.

When Moon is in House No. 2 his fortune would be decided by the condition of Saturn and Rahu. If these are benefic he will be very famous like a king and one fourth  of his earnings will go on his healthcare.

When Moon is in other houses it will give excellent results even if it is poor. When ketu is benefic the person will enjoy a long life. When Mercury is exalted or Sun is in House No. 10 he’ll be a talented person and bring honours to his family.

Negative effects of Jupiter in House No. 4

When Mercury is in House No. 10 he will get involved in illicit liaisons from the age of 34 which will destroy him and his next generations. But he can save himself if he listens to the advice of elders.

When Saturn is weak he would draw happiness from evil deeds like alcoholism, meat-eating.

When Venus, Mercury, Saturn or Rahu is in House No. 10 money and respect will be in jeopardy.

When Rahu is poor items of silver will be a source of loss. When House No. 10 is blank Jupiter will be dormant.

When Ketu is poor  he will be reduced to a pauper from a king.

Fourth House in Horoscope

This house represents the family life, relatives from mother, land and house, agriculture, buildings. In the body, the chest, lungs, heart, breast are indicated by this house. Read more about the Fourth House.

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