Trivialization of Hindu deities in Minneapolis play, Hindus concerned

Hindus are concerned at the play “Displaced Hindu Gods”, which is having a world premiere at Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) on October two and is announced to run from October five to 27. Play announcement of this Mixed Blood Theatre production says that it is based on the trinity of Hindu deities- Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva- each displaced into […]

Effects of Jupiter in 4th House (Brihaspati in Sukha Sthana)

Effects of Jupiter in 4th House, Positive effects of Jupiter in House No. 4, Negative effects of Jupiter in 4th House.. Positive Effects of Jupiter in 4th House The Jupiter gets exalted  in House No. 4 and the native will be famous like Lord Indra and King Vikramaditya. He will draw spiritual power and strength from his maternal […]

Jupiter in 4th House (Brihaspati in Sukha Bhava)

Jupiter in 4th House, Brihaspati in Sukha Bhava – what it indicates? When Jupiter is in House No. 4 it will give all-round prosperity and power. It will make the man like lion floating on water. If the Saturn or Mercury is weak it will jeopardise prestige. Also if there is enemy planet in House […]