Effects of Moon in 9th House (Chandra in Bhagya Sthana)

Effects of Moon in 9th House, Positive effects of Moon in 9th house, Negative Effects of Moon in 9th House..

Positive Effects of Moon in 9th House

The native will be an intelligent, learned and a good mathematician. He will be a kindhearted and religious person who is well respected in the society. He will undertake many pilgrimages and do lots of charitable activities.

When Moon is alive he will favour the poor and needy and do various deeds for the general public which will make him wealthy.

When Sun, Jupiter is in House No. 5 he will be a religious person and blessed with wealth and children. Any of the good planets in House No. 4 will bring him good luck and comforts from children, religious activities and wealth.

When Jupiter is in House No. 9 or aspects Moon or joins it, even if he is born in a poor family he will become wealthy and attain high rank and authority.

Negative effects of Moon in 9th house

When Rahu is malefic and linked to Moon in anyway it will give the result of companion planets and judgement will be clouded.

When Ketu is in House No. 2 and Mercury is in House No. 5 the native will have financial success only after the 34th or 48th year of his life and to then even the articles of Moon will not be beneficial.

When Venus is in House No. 3 eyesight of mother will be affected during the 24th or 25th year of the native.

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