Eco Friendly Ganesh Festival 2011 Competition for best Green Ganesha idol in Andhra Pradesh

Eco Friendly Ganesh Festival 2011 competition led by SAVE (Society for Awareness and Vision on Environment) in collaboration with The Hans India & HMTV is an initiative for eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi festival celebrations in Hyderabad & other cities and district of Andhra Pradesh. They have also announced prize money to the best Ganesh mantap association who conduct the entire act of Ganesh Navaratri celebrations in a eco friendly way and also perform Ganesh nimajjan without disturbing nature. The following are details.

Norms and rules for Eco Friendly Ganesh Festival 2011 Competition:

  1. During Ganesh Navratri celebrations plastic bags and glasses and bottles should not be used. Paper plates and leaf bowls only shall be used.
  2. Use of synthetic colours and dyes in the entire process of celebration and nimajjanam should be completely prohibited.
  3. Vulgar songs and film imitation songs should not be played near the mantap or with the nimajjan procession. Vulgar filsm and vulgar dances are totally prohibited in this celebration. Burrakatha, puppet show, bhajans, harikathas etc should be used.
  4. To avoid sound pollution, speakers should be used with the acceptable decibel limits. During nights, care should be taken to see that speakers are not used beyond the stipulated hours / time. Pandals should seek police permission in this regard and stick to the timings completely.
  5. Celebrations must be done strictly according to our Indian culture and tradition.
  6. On the nimajjan day, devotees accompanying the idol should wear Khadi or cotton dresses only.
  7. Cloth banners must be used in place of flexi banners.
  8. Pandals of Ganesh idols should be made of Bamboo only.
  9. People should not be pressurized to pay money for the celebrations.
  10. Use of electricity must be reduced to the maximum extent.
  11. Illegal power connections should not be used. Permission from AP Transco must be taken through official order.
  12. All permissions from the respective statutory authorities must be taken much before commencing the celebrations.
  13. Environmental Awareness shall be a major component of celebrations.

Requirements for Evaluation:

Following material is required for the evaluation and shall be submitted in a sealed envelope at Aurora’s Business School, behind NIMS, Panjagutta, Hyderabad or Aurora’s Degree College, Chikkadpally, Hyderabad on or before 5 pm, 3 September 2011.

  1. Video shoot of at least 10 minutes duration in a CD
  2. A4 page note on celebrations and activities done by the association
  3. 25 high resolution images in a CD
  4. Paper cuttings if any, of the celebrations.

Evaluation Process:

Evaluation will be done by a Panel of Judges consisting of Environmental activists and student volunteers.


The best three Ganesh Mantap Associations would be given the following prizes:

The competition will be: district-wise, city-wise & state-wise.

There are a lot of cash prizes. All participating associations would be given Certificate of Appreciation.

Prize distribution would be done within the last of September 2011.

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