Early Trends in Gujarat Elections Results 2012

Early Trends in Gujarat elections results predict that there would be victory of Narendra Modi-lead BJP the state.

EVM machines votes’ counting has begun at 8.30 AM and the early results have come in favor of BJP.

The total number of assembly seats in Gujarat is 182

As per the final verdict, here are the positions and the number of seats of the parties..

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has won in 115 seats

Congress has won 61 seats

GPP (Gujarat Parivartan Party) has won 2 seats

Others won 4 seats

The trends at 10.15 AM

BJP leading in 116 seats

Congress leading in 61 seats

Others / GPP leading in 2 seats

Heavy Weights in Gujarat elections 2012 (Early Trends)

Narendra Modi (Maninagar – Gujarat) – leading (BJP)

Amit Shah (Naranpura – Gujarat) – leading (BJP)

Nitin Patel – leading (BJP)

Anandiben P – leading (BJP)

Shweta Bhatt – Trailing (Congress)

Purushottam S – leading (BJP)

Jay N Vyas – Trailing (BJP)

Gordhan Zadaphia (Gujarat Parivartan Party) – Trailing

Keshubhai Patel (GPP) – leading

Shankar Singh Vaghela (Congress) – leading

Praful Patel (BJP) – leading

Jitu Vaghani (BJP) – leading

Madhu S (BJP) – leading

Fakir Vaghela (BJP) – Trailing

Girish Parmar (BJP) – leading

RC Faldu (BJP) – Trailing

K Kalsariya – Trailing

Pankaj Desai (BJP) – Trailing

Saurabh Patel (BJP) – leading

J Chauhan (BJP) – leading

Raman Vohra (BJP) – leading

Mahendra Vag (Congress) – Trailing

Shaktisingh G (Congress) – Trailing

Ram Parmar (Congress) – leading

J Patel Bosky – Trailing

Siddharth (Congress) – Trailing

D Sanghani (BJP) – Trailing

Bharat Barot (BJP) – leading

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