Lets Dwell permanently at Lotus Feet of Guru Raghavendra

raghavendra swamy

raghavendra swamy

Most of us would be very much interested to dwell permanently at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna, but it is not easy to attain salvation after our death, since knowingly or unknowingly, we might have committed lot of mistakes in our life. Even if we have done lot of good karmas, that would not be adjusted with our bad karmas, similar to the Debit, Credit concept in Accounts. As per the rule of the god, whoever does good acts would be rewarded suitably, and at the same time, for his bad acts, he would be punished, and this laid down rule cannot be changed even by the god himself.

Why god is sending divine messengers or his divine aspects to this earth?

Through an example, we can get a good clarification for this. Usually in an organisation, whether it is small or big, a boss used to appoint various assistants under him, in order to run his business smoothly. Though the boss has the capacity to look after the business independently, still he takes the help of his subordinates, in order to exhibit their talents in front of others. Likewise though god himself contains enormous powers to deal on his own, still he depends on his spiritual assistants, since he wants to sanctify his assistants similar to him.

Though Saints contains great powers equivalent to the god, still some people didn’t want to rely on them, since they consider them just as humans. There is lot of difference between ordinary people and saintly people. Ordinary people didn’t have supernatural and spiritual powers, and they cannot do any miracles on their own. While the spiritual saints are able to do anything on their own and they contain sufficient powers, enough to shake the entire universe. They are also having the powers even to make the upper worlds to get submerged into the ocean. But without knowing about their supremacy, some of the devotees worship only the supreme gods like Shiva and Vishnu, and there is also no wrong in that. But at the same time, while worshipping the deities, they also must offer their prayers to the great saints like Guru Raghavendra and Shirdi Saibaba, since they have proved their miraculous powers before their devotees, and still they are doing that, and they are also capable of sending their devotees to the heaven itself.

Guru Raghavendra is a great saint of Mantralayam, and he is properly guiding his devotees in their each and every act, and also gives them a soothing effect, during the times of distress. Guru Raghavendra adds sweetness in the lives of his devotees without seeing their caste, creed, community or religion.

In the famous Raghavendra Stotra, it was mentioned, that the great Guru eagerly waits for the call of his devotees, in order to lend his helping hand to them, and sometimes he also visits the homes of his staunch devotees in the form of a saint, even without expecting a proper welcome from them.

Guru Raghavendra keeps chanting the “RAMA MANTRA” continuously, even without wasting for a single moment, which adds great Punya to him, and with the Punya derived out of his meditation, he shares it with his devotees, in order to blossom their lives.

Attaining salvation could be made possible only through the divine gurus, and it is not at all possible to reach the abode of the god, without getting the grace of the Divine Gurus. Next to worshipping our parents, we have to offer our sincere prayers to our mortal as well as our immortal Gurus.

Gurus like Raghavendra Swamy used to cleanse our sins, purify our soul, and also would beg to the god to forgive our sins, and would recommend to the god, on our behalf, to place us in the heaven. After becoming their devotees, sometimes, out of our own sufferings, even if we hesitate or scold them, they would not bother about that, but would treat us like an affectionate mother. They would also safeguard us whenever we met up with any accidents, and instead of getting suffered from major injuries, due to their grace, we would be facing only minor injuries on our body.

During his lifetime, Guru Raghavendra has sent few of his devotees to the Swarga Loka, and it was mentioned in the holy text, Sri Raghavendra Vijayam, and still he aims to send his sincere devotees to the heaven, by considering their utmost faith and bhakti on him.

Hence instead of ignoring the divine and worshipful spiritual saints like Guru Raghavendra, let us keep bhakti on him, and let us aim to dwell permanently at his lotus feet, by remembering him forever in our life.


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