Patteeswaram Durgai Amman Temple, Kumbakonam

There is a popular Durgai Amman Temple which is located in Dhenupuriswarar Temple, Patteeswaram, situated near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu.

This temple was once worshipped by Patti, who is the daughter of the Divine Cow, Kamadhenu. Since Patti worshipped Lord Shiva at the present place of this temple, hence this place derived the name Patteeswaram. Here Ma Durgai Amman is given much preference than that of Lord Thenupuriswarar, and this Durgai Amman Temple is located inside Thenupuriswarar Temple, and we can have the darshan of Ma Durgai in a separate shrine. Devotees who reside in and around Kumbakonam would visit this temple, especially during Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Ma Durga was the family deity of the Chola kings and they used to sincerely worship her and would offer their prayers, before waging a war. She was considered as the guardian deity of the Chola Kings. Durgamma is considered to be the wire puller of the entire universe. She is considered to be a soft and gentle goddess, who has eight hands on which she holds various weapons and also a parrot.

She is in the form of standing posture. Priests would wear the traditional Madisar saree, to the precious deity, and lemon and Arali flower garland also would be adorned to the Holy Amman. She is of six feet height, and can be found with her beloved vehicle Lion. She appears with a smiling face, and welcomes the devotees with motherly affection.

During Aadi month, and during Navaratri days, we could see huge crowd of devotees, who would be eagerly waiting in the queue, in order to have a glimpse of the holy mother, Durgai Amma, and Kumbhabhishekham was performed at this temple before few years.

My family astrologer has also advised me to visit this temple in order to remove the evil effects of the planets, since Ma Durga is the one who controls the entire planets, and she is also popularly known as “NAVAGRAHA NAYAKI”. Even those who do not have any types of problems in planetary position, still they are advised to visit this temple, since at any time, anything may happen at this difficult Kali Yuga!


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