Do’s and Don’ts at Sabarimala Yatra

Sabarimala Pilgrimage is undertaken by millions of people every year. The temple at Sabarimala is surrounded by dense forests and most of the devotees visit the temple between October and January every year.

This makes the small place very crowded and following some simple rules can make the atmosphere better for all the pilgrims.

The most important rule at Sabarimala is that pilgrims are not allowed to enter the 18 golden steps called the “Pathinettam Padi”without the “irumudi kettu”. Women in the age group of 10-50 are not allowed to undertake the pilgrimage.

These are the main rules followed by the authorities of the temple since ages and do not try to dispute them as it might hurt the religious sentiment of millions of people.

The other simple rules that will make your pilgrimage a better experience are mentioned here. Sabarimala is a plastic free zone, So it is advised not to carry any plastic and even if you have to , then please dispose them properly.

Smoking and chewing tobacco are strictly prohibited. Do not pollute pampa river by throwing food leftovers and clothes. Most importantly people attempting to cook food must put off the fire before leaving. These are important in preserving the ecological balance as the temple is located in the middle of a thick forest.

Do not use any soap or oil at the temple pond and maintain personal hygiene and use public toilets. Do not break coconuts at the Pathinettam Padi, Always use the place which is allocated for this purpose.

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