Don’t hesitate to Visit Temples

someswara temple somarama

someswara temple somarama

We should never hesitate in visiting the temples. Temples provides a good atmosphere, and it also chills and refreshes our mind, and removes the suicidal, negative and bad thoughts in our mind. Recently we would have heard about the news of a young film actor who had committed suicide due to depression. Depression cannot be fully removed only by the way of consuming medicines. It can be removed by filling up with full of spiritual thoughts in our mind. Once if spiritual thoughts enter into our mind then the suicidal and unwanted thoughts would be erased from our mind.

As per the famous saying, “There is medicine for our body, but there is no medicine for our mind”. The saying is correct only, since our mind would be keep on thinking about something, and even during our sleep, it would be expressed in the form of dreams. It is very difficult to control our mind, since our mind is like a monkey, which would frequently climb from one branch to another branch of a tree.

Some young people would visit temples just to please their parents or to attract their near and dear ones. But that would not help them in their life. We should do our work in a dedicated manner, and similarly we should visit the temples in a whole heartedly manner. Apart from visiting and worshipping the deities in the temples, we would also get fresh open air in the temples, which would give pleasantness and refreshment for us. Ancient saints have dedicated their lives for visiting the far away temples, and they even didn’t take proper food while travelling from one temple to another.

It is also suggested to visit the temples early in the morning with empty stomach, since if we fill up our belly with full of food, we would not pay enough attention on worshipping the god. Saturdays are auspicious days for visiting Lord Vishnu Temples, and Mondays are auspicious days for visiting Lord Shiva temples. Ma Shakti Devi temples can be visited on Tuesdays and Fridays, and if we didn’t have sufficient time to visit the deities on week days, we can worship the deities in the temples on every Sunday, since Sundays are holidays for most of the working people.


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