Donations for Nitya Annadanam at Vemulawada Temple

Here is the list of scheme for Nitya Annadanam donations at Vemulawada Temple. The category of donations are categorized under Sadharana Sabhyatvam, Poshaka, Maharaja Poshaka and Ubhayadatha.

Devasthanam with a view to providing free and wholesome food to the poor devotees launched Nithyannadana Scheme on Vijaya Dasami day of 1990 and the scheme has become a glorious success and there has been an overwhelming response from the philanthropists in and around Andhra Pradesh and from NRIs.

Quantum of donations:

1] Sadharana Sabhyatvam – Rs. 1,116/- [No. of Ubhayadatha – 10,569]

2] Poshaka – Rs. 5,116/- [ No. of Ubhayadatha – 585]

3] Maharaja Poshaka – Rs. 10,116/- [ No. of Ubhayadatha – 508]

4] Other Ubhayadatha who contributed – 309 Nos.

irrespective of the above specified amount

[From Rs.1,000/- and more]

Providing meals to the devotees under Annadanam scheme:

On Monday – 500 Nos.

On Friday – 400 Nos.

Other days – 200 Nos.

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  1. Swathi says:

    Hello, i wished to donate for the saasvatha annadanam. can anyone please let me know process for the saasvatha annadanam like payment, procedure etc..