Lets do some Good Deeds on Akshaya Tritiya

Lets Do Good Deeds on Akshaya Tritiya. Let us first offer our sincere prayers to Ma Annapurna, the goddess of food, love and affection, on this holy Akshaya Tritiya Festival Day (3 May 2022).

Apart from buying gold, house property and shares during this auspicious day, let us take an oath of doing some good activities like reading our holy epics such as Ramayana, Bhagavatham and Bhagavat Gita, providing butter milk to the tired and thirsty people, helping the old age and the handicapped people by assisting them on their daily activities, providing study books to the poor children, building huts to the road side dwellers etc.

We must have to sanctify our biological, as well as our Divine parent, Lord Brahma on this auspicious day, and also we have to pay our great respects to them. The creator god Lord Brahma is tirelessly doing his duties even without wasting for a single second, and along with him, his mind born son, Lord Daksha Bhagavan is also assisting in his creation work in a wonderful manner.

The great Lord ShankuKarna who was once served as a divine attendant to Lord Brahma, had been taken few births in order to glorify Lord Vishnu, and he was born as Prahalada, Bahlika Raja, Vyasaraja and Guru Raghavendra. It is also believed that the holy Prahalad avatar took place on an auspicious Akshaya Tritiya Day only, and Lord Brahma has also first started his creation work on Akshaya Tritiya Festival Day.

Hence it is the duty of each and every Hindu, to make a plan towards creating a wonderful temple for Lord Brahma and his assistants, Lord Daksha Bhagavan and Lord ShankuKarna. It is also mentioned in the Puranas, that during the time of Shiva’s wedding with Ma Sati Devi, ShankuKarna and Daksha (the father of Ma Sati) had participated in the wedding ceremony along with Lord Brahma Dev, and enjoyed the divine vision of the holy couple, Shiva and Ma Sati Devi.

Though lot of temples are dedicated for other deities, only a few temples are dedicated for Lord Brahma. Hence let us interestingly participate in the holy event of building a strong and a marvellous temple for Lord Brahma, in order to pay our gratitude to our divine parent, Lord Brahma, and his divine attendants. Let us recite the following verses regularly, in order get the entire grace of Lord Brahma.


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