Diwali Puja Thali Decoration Ideas – How to decorate Diwali Pujan Thali

diwali puja thali

diwali puja thali

How to decorate Diwali Puja Thali? Here you can read Diwali Puja Thali decoration Ideas. Diwali Lakshmi Puja and Ganesh pujan are most important aspects of Diwali festival. People all over the world offer prayers to goddess of wealth and god of wisdom to seek prosperity and wisdom. The Lakshmi-Ganesh pujan involves all the members of family where they sits together and offer prayers to deity with auspicious items like aroma sticks, camphor, diya, flowers, kumkum, sandalwood etc.

Do you consider the festival of Diwali limited to shopping; wearing new clothes, gift exchange, sharing delicacies, bursting crackers only? Well the main theme of diwali festival is worshipping the lord Ganesha and Ma Lakshmi to get their blessings in form of health, prosperity and wealth. Hindus offer prayers to their favorite deity not only the diwali day but also on other auspicious days related to this festival. Numbers of puja are done to add spiritualism to your overall celebrations. The puja thali hence is an important part of praying.

A puja thali is a simple plate which contains all the items required for worshipping god. It may include akshat, bell, roli for tilaks, gold or silver coins, aarti-diyas, small kalash filled with water, colorful flowers and kalava. The puja thali has a great significance and items like coconut, agarbatti, candles, sandalwood paste, sweets, fruits, betel, camphor betel leaves, Om, swastika or shree are also kept in it. Here are diwali puja decoration ideas!

  • If you want to decorate diwali puja thali with kumkum, take medium size thali and smear it with 2 tbsp of ghee. Now sprinkle kumkum all over it. Draw swastik symbol in center and keep it aside to get set. Now spread petals of flowers and diyas on it along with items like bell, camphor, haldi and rice.
  • For preparing puja thali with mirror pieces, first cover steel or bronze thali with bright color satin cloth. Add laces around the rim of thali and place mirrors of different shapes. Place aroma candle in center and then place some mirrors around it. Include puja items in it.
  • You can always prepare puja thali and arrange the puja accessories in it. Do you know that pleasure of decorating special puja thali can give you divine feeling? Also it can be an interesting activity if you are fond of arts and crafts. Explore article below that guides you over various ways to decorate puja thali!
  • Take thali of your choice-either made up of steel, silver, brass, gold or any other material. It can be of any shape. Try to make use of thali having little engravings and designs as you will need to decorate them much.
  • Now cover thali with beautiful packing appear sheet or cloth preferably in red or orange color and put all puja accessories in it. You can also spread little ghee and thali and then spread kumkum all over it and then prepare Om, swastika or shree on it.
  • If you want you can even decorate thali with betel leaves to give it a green colored look. Now add colorful puja accessories in it. Trust me; your thali will look amazingly beautiful.
  • You can also add flowers like roses, marigold.

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