Diwali Rituals and Customs

Do you know that various interesting rituals and traditions are attached to the festival of diwali? This five day long festival is celebrated with lot of fun and excitement and people exchange gilts, sweets! The various rituals of diwali festival are mentioned below- have a look!

The first day of diwali is popular with the name of ‘dhanterus’. On this day, people decorate their houses and workplaces; prepare traditional rangolis on the entrances to welcome the goddess lakshmi. It is considered auspicious to buy gold and silver on this day. Even people buy new utensils from markets. Rural people revere their cattle on this day and cows are considered auspicious on this day.

On the second day of diwali, people take bath before sunrise; anoint themselves with oil and ‘ubtan’. According to Bengalis, the goddess kali killed demon Raktavija on this day, so people burn crackers and illuminate homes with diyas. Kali Puja is observed in West Bengal on Diwali.

The third day is the main day of the diwali festival. Jains   believed that lord Mahavira attained ‘nirvana’ on this day.  On this day, people wear new clothes and exchange gifts and sweets with their near and dear ones. Women prepare delicacies and whole house is illuminated with diyas and candles. Kids love to burst crackers on this day.

The fourth day is known as ‘annakoot’ or ‘govardhan puja’. On this day, the deities are bathed with milk and then adorned with precious clothes and jewellery pieces especially in temples of Mathura and Nathadwara. Even delicacies are prepared on this day!

The fifth day is called as ‘bhai duj’. On this day, sister invites their brothers and their family to their homes and treats them with delicacies.  Brothers offer gifts and sweets to sisters in return.

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