Diwali candles – Best Diwali Decorative items and Diwali Gifts

Dilwali candles are the best decorative items for Diwali. Diwali is a festival which indicates triumph of good over evil. It is festival of lights. Exchanging gifts, sweets, shopping, wearing new dresses, illumination of premises with diyas, lights and candles are the basic theme of this festival. Lighting candles in every nook and corner of home, we try to remove the reign of darkness. Lighting earthen diyas had been a traditional way for diwali celebration but now-a-days, candle lighting is also gaining big popularity!

Candles are available in different prices and bring positive spirits in your home. Also they are ideal way for diwali prayers and decoration. Explore the article below that tells you about different types of candles!

Designer candles are a nice way to brighten up your home on diwali festival. You can purchase designer candles as per your budget and choice.

Tea lights candles are made up of high quality wax so they can burn for long hours. Also they come in various scents. You would be glad to know that tea light candles are best and safe for lighting crackers.

Gel candles come in set of small glass pots which are full of colored gel in them. Not only gel candles illuminate your home in a nice way, they acts as a wonderful item for decorating your home.

Sparkling candles look very fascinating and attractive. With the glory of their sparkles, they can make your diwali festival bright and sparkling in a great way!

Perfumed candles are molded in small containers. When lighted, they fill the whole ambience with soothing fragrance and boost the festive spirit of your family.

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  1. saumil joshi says:

    Perhaps Diwali is the most ancient Hindu festival celebrated in India. The origin of this festival dates back to the era of Lord Ram & his return to Ayodhya after 14 years in exile. People light lamp in their houses and fire crackers to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Indians have retained this tradition till the date and celebrate this festival. So much so that if they are not in India they enjoy this festival and send Diwali gift to India to their families & friends.