Divisions of Astrology – Various Aspects

What are the Divisions of Astrology and various aspects in Astrology?

There are number of aspects in Astrology which can only be understood by a detailed analytical study.

Broadly, astrology is divided into two parts. Siddha Bhaga (Arithmetic astrology) deals with planetary movements. Phala Bhaga (Predictive astrology) deals with effects of planets on living beings.

I. Arithmetic Astrology

1. Siddhanta

2. Tantra

3. Karana

II. Predictive Astrology

1. Hora

2. Muhurtha (Electional astrology)

3. Tajaka

4. Prasna (Horary)

5. Medini (Mundana)

6. Samhita

According to Narada Samhita, astrology is a combination of three Skandas namely Siddhanta, Samhita and Hora Skandas. Later the five parts or Pancha Skandas namely Siddhanta, Hora, Samhita, Prasna, Sakuna put together formed into Astrology.

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