Dhulivandan 2017 date, Dhulivandan in Maharashtra during Holi

Dhulivandan is an important festival in Maharashtra and Goa celebrated on the next day of colourful Holi festival. It has great significance for agriculture and farming communities. In 2017, Dhulivandan date is March 13.

The festival falls on the first day (Pratipada) of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in Phalgun month as per Marathi calendar. Farmers worship Bhudevi (soil) and ashes of Holi.

Marathi people believe that playing with colours and soil (dhuli) is an auspicious activity. In North India (Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, etc.), on Dhulivandan day, Vasantotsav (Basant Utsav) is celebrated. To mark the demolition of devils by Lord Krishna, Vasantosav is celebrated.

It is believed on this day Lord Shiva turned Kama (Manmadha) to ashes, hence to commemorate the event Dhulivandan is celebrated in Maharashtra.

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  1. Tirranand says:

    What is the date of dhulivandan in 2014 ?

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