Dhanyamalini in Ramayana

As per the great epic Ramayana, Dhanyamalini was the second consort of Ravana. She was a noble and a chaste woman. She is the sister of Mandodari and the daughter of the great demon architect Mayasura. Dhanyamalini had four children, and among them, her son, Akshayakumara was killed by Lord Hanuman during his visit to Lanka while he was searching for Mata Sita.

Dhanyamalini is a pure and pious woman, and she consoled Ma Sita during her stay at the Ashokavana. When Ravana tried to kill Ma Sita, it was Dhanyamalini who interfered and stopped Ravana from killing Sita. She is considered as one of the GEMS among the ancient chaste women, and though she disliked Ravana for his cruel acts, yet she remained as a dutiful wife and discharged her duties in an excellent manner. She gave lot of good advices to Ravana, but he didn’t hear it, and also shouted at her. She also asked Ravana to set Ma Sita free, and to ask apology to Rama.

During the end of the Ramayana war, she worshipped her husband Ravana, and asked him to surrender before Lord Rama. But Ravana cruelly behaved with her, and finally killed by Lord Rama in the war. After Ravana’s death, she fell down on the pyre of Ravana, and died. Due to her chastity and purity, after her death, she reached the abode of Lord Indra, the heaven, and settled there peacefully.

Ancient women including queens, women sages and ordinary women are considered as pure and chaste, and they are well known for their patience, simplicity and discipline. They never used to hurt their consorts either physically or verbally but remained calm and served them faithfully and obediently. Due to their good nature, rain was showered in all the seasons, crops were grown properly, and all the people lived peacefully without suffering from any diseases on their body.


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