Development of Positive Energy

Positive energy means realising the flow of power from top to bottom of the body, and it can be acquired through our good thoughts, positive vibration, aiming for a particular thing, winning hard to achieve success in our life and helping others during their difficult situation. Positive energy is directly related with our mind, and positive energy can also be acquired through spiritual thoughts.

Negative energy means loose of power from our body, and it would severely affect our mind also. Negative energy would bring more stress, tensions and it would lead to sickness, and would also create dullness and make us to sit lazily at our home.

In order to generate positive energy, we have to be always cheerful, even if the situation is worse for us. But in general, both positive and negative energy would be there for all of us, since happiness and sorrows would always travel together.

By adopting the following steps we can generate more positive energy:

1. We have to be always satisfied with the things given by the god, and must thank god for the necessities given by him. We should not blame him for our small, small problems.

2. We have to develop humour sense within ourselves and also while interacting with our friends. Since laughter is a kind of good exercise for our mind, and it would definitely boosts the positive energy in our mind.

3. We have to definitely help others by way of providing food to the poor and hungry people and donating clothes to the street dwellers and beggars etc.

4. We have to be always in the company of learned and clever people, in order to gain more knowledge from them.

5. We have to develop more confidence, and must have to increase our mental and physical power, enough to lift even the mountains.

6. Keeping sincere devotion on the great almighty in order to shed our unnecessary fears, and to get more spiritual support from him.

7. Even if we don’t have sufficient strength in our body, we must have to feel as if we are the strongest person in the world.

8. Whenever we have been allocated to do a difficult work in our offices, we must have to do it confidently, and must properly apply our mind, in order to do it correctly.

9. Participating in the religious festivals, spending our leisure time in the hill temples and involving ourselves in the divine thoughts of the almighty would boost more and more positive energy in our mind, and due to that, our life would get improved.


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