Devamba | Wife of Virochana, Mother of Mahabali

Devamba was the wife of Virochana, who was the son of Prahlada, and her son was Mahabali. The couples were peacefully lived for a few years, and after some time, Lord Indra and other demigods, demanded the life of Virochana and due to that, Virochana had sacrificed his life, and left his physical body and reached the divine world.

Devamba was a pious and dutiful wife who sincerely served her husband. She had great bhakti with her father in law Prahlada, and with Lord Vishnu. She was a chaste woman and contains courage, braveness and good mental energy. She had performed pujas to Lord Vishnu along with Prahlada, and also performed pujas to the Shivalingam at her palace.

Due to the insistence of Prahlada, she used to recite the “OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA” mantra regularly till her death. She taught the divine subjects to her son Mahabali, and also made him to train under the demon guru SUKRACHARYA. Due to her love and affection, Mahabali possessed good qualities at his young age itself.

After the death of her husband Virochana, she entered into the pyre of Virochana and ended her life, and attained MUKTI.

Let us worship the holy mother DEVAMBA and be blessed.

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