Desi Cow Protection is TTD’s Main Aim

Gaumata – Cow Slaughter in India

Gaumata – Cow Slaughter in India

Protection and promotion of the progeny of Desi breeds is the primary aim of TTD, said Executive Officer Sri Anil Kumar Singhal.

Speaking on the occasion of Gopuja held at SV Gosala in Tirupati on Tuesday, the EO told media persons that the Gosamrakshana Trust of TTD has been established with a motto to protect desi breeds.

“Today we have nearly 100crores in the trust in the form of donations. Every year as a part of Hindu Dharma Prachara we have been spending Rs.8crores on cow protection. We are giving financial aid to private dairy farms also. Under the instructions of Honourable CM of AP Sri N Chandrababu Naidu We are also bringing awareness among dairy farmers on traditional farming technique like using Panchagavya products in organic farming etc.”, he added.

The EO also informed that donors are keen to promote Gosamrakshana. On December 26last, a donor has donated Rs11.11cr to SV Gosamrakshana Trust. TTD is framing guidelines to promote Gosamrakshana in future. We have included agriculture, animal husbandry, Go Samrakshana Trust officials to come out with concrete action plan”, he maintained.

Tirupati JEO Sri P Bhaskar, Dairy Farm Director Dr Harnath Reddy were also present.

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