Considering Deities as our own Children

Krishna as Damodara

Krishna as Damodara

We can consider the deities as our own children. In case of childless couples, they have to definitely consider the deities as their own children. Giving birth to a noble child is really a boon for the parents. Everyone expect their child to be born as Lord Krishna or as Bala Tripura Sundari, a form of Mata Shakti Devi. But for some people, they would not be blessed to have a child.In that case, they can consider Lord Krishna and Bala Tripura Sundari as their own children.

Even if people have a noble child, sometimes some children would not behave properly. Sometimes the children would make their parents to cry through their bad activities. If we study in newspapers, some sons and daughters would leave their parents mercilessly in old home shelters, after acquiring the property and the hard earned savings from them.As per one old Tamil Movie song, “If we give birth to a child, then we have to shed tears, whereas if we give birth to a coconut tree, then we would get good and tasty coconut water”. Such kind of situation prevails in this today’s rough and tough modern world. Some children are finding their own pair at their young age itself, and without informing to their parents, they would run away from their homes, and would get married.

After getting married, most of the couple, would joyfully spend their life only for a few months, after that, there would be frequent quarrels in their life even for small, small things, and due to that, they would get separated in their life, and after that, they would be a heavy burden for their parents.

But if we consider Lord Krishna and Mata Shakti as our own children, and perform puja and offer holy Prasad to them, then definitely they would bless us, and would never leave us alone. They would permanently dwell in our hearts, and would give their helping hand in times of need.

Lord Krishna acts as our child, guide, friend and a great god. He is the one who gives cheerfulness to us through his lovely smile. We can forget our big problems and can get attached with his divine beauty.

We can also consider child Dhruva, Markandeya and Bhakta Prahlada, as our own children, and offer our humble prayers to them. Worshipping the Bhagavathas is equivalent to worshipping the almighty, and we would get blessings both from the Bhagavathas as well as from the Bhagavan.


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