Dayaanidheeswarar Temple, Vadakurangaduthurai, Thanjavur

Sri Dayaanidheeswarar temple is located in the village named Vadakurangaduthurai, in the district of Thanjavur, in state of Tamil Nadu in South India. The primary deity of this temple is Dhayaneetheeswarar (Lord Shiva) and his consort is Jataamakuta Naayaki. The festival deity is Kulai Vanangi Naathar.

The holy tree of this temple is Coconut. The holy water of this temple is Krupa Theertham. The agamam or pooja of this temple is known as Kameeyam. This temple is nearly 1000-2000 years old in this region. The historical name of this place is Thiruvadakurankaduthurai.

This south Indian temple is the 49th holy place in the northern banks of Kaveri consecrated by Thevaram. The temple festivals are Shivarathri, Pongal, Deepavali, New year celebration according to the Hindu traditional calendar and the Georgian calendar, Navarathiri ten days are celebrated with much festivity and fanfare plus Panguni Utthiram. Women circles round Amman 1008 times, on the day of Karthigai.

This particular temple is largely worshipped by pregnant women devotees and pilgrim for a healthy child and mother’s safe delivery and health. The temple is open from 8am to 12 in the morning and in the evening between 4pm to 9pm.

The other deities of this particular temple are Viswanaathar, Lord Brahma, Mahalakshmi, Subrahmanyar, Chandikeswarar, Kaasi, Nataraja, Twin Bhairavas, Lingodhbhavar, Sooriyan, Sivagami Ambigai, Saneeswarar, Ardhnaareeswarar, Naagar, etc. It is to be remembered that all these deities are mainly installed in this shrine to grace the pilgrims and devotees. People from far and near visit this temple on all the auspicious and religious important dates as per the traditional Hindu calendar.

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