Dasha Mahavidyas & Consort Lord Shiva

The given name Mahavidyas appear from the Sanskrit roots, with maha meaning Large and vidya sense, Exposure, demonstration, information, or knowledge. Mahavidyas (Great Wisdoms) or Dasa Mahavidyas are a collection of ten portion of the Divine Mother or Devi in Hinduism.

The Goddess Mahavidyas are Knowledgeable Goddesses, who stand for a band of female religion, from dreadful goddesses at lone conclusion, to the ravishingly gorgeous at the other. The development of Mahvidyas represents a significant rotating point in the history of Shaktism as it characters the rise Bhakti aspect in Shaktism.

The Mahavidyas are typically recognized as:

  • Kali: The Goddess as Outer space Demolition, Death or “Devourer of Occasion” (Supreme Divinity of Kalikula systems), the Everlasting Nighttime.
  • Kamalatmika: The Lotus Goddess; the “Tantric Lakshmi”, the Last but Not the Slightest.
  • Tara: The Goddess as Show and Guard, or Who put away, the Empathetic Goddess.
  • Bhuvaneswari: The Divinity as Globe Care for, or Whose Group is the Outer space, the Maker of the World.
  • Tripura Sundari – Lalita Tripurasundari Devi / Shodashi: The Goddess Who is ” Gorgeous in the Three Worlds”; the “Tantric Parvati”, the Deity who is Sixteen era Old.
  • Chinnamasta: The Self-Decapitated Goddess, the Goddess who cuts off her Possess Head.
  • Dhumavati: The Widow Goddess, the Goddess who widows Herself.
  • Bhairavi – Tripura Bhairavi: The Ferocious Goddess, the Goddess of Decompose.
  • Matangi: The Outcaste Goddess (in Kalikula systems); the Prime Minister of Lalita (in Srikula systems); the “Tantric Saraswati”, the Goddess who adore Pollution.
  • Bagalamukhi: The Divinity Who Paralyzes Enemies, the Divinity who grab the Tongue.


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