Dasbodh Jayanti

Dasbodh Jayanti is the day of creation of Dasbodh, an insightful spiritual text for human life. Meaning for the word, Dasbodh, in simple terms, means “giving valuable advice to the disciple”. Dasbodh is a holy text, which was orally told by Swami Samarth Ramdas to his best disciple, Kalyan Swami, and the text was written in Marathi, by Sri Kalyan Swami.

Know more about Dasbodh

In 2023, Dasbodh Jayanti date is January 30. It is celebrated on Magh Shukla Navami, Ninth day in Magh Maas of Marathi Calendar.

The Dasbodh contains necessary details about gaining spiritual knowledge and about the significance of the spiritual Guru. This great text is highly useful in the present day life, and this holy work was took place in a cave in the Raigad district of Maharashtra.

Dasbodh contains large volumes of text, and it focuses us in the spiritual path, explains the details of attachment and detachment from this material world, and also it tells the various ways to attain salvation. Samarth Ramdas also clears all the doubts of his disciple, Kalyan Swami, and released this popular text in front of Kings and great scholars.

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