Dasara 2022 | Dussehra 2022 date

Goddess Durga Devi

Goddess Durga Devi

Dasara (Dussehra) is celebrated on the 10th day in Shukla Paksha of Ashwayuja, Ashwin month. In 2022, Dasara date is October 5 in India. In South India, Dasara is celebrated on 5 October and in some North Indian places also, it is celebrated on 5 October. In some places, Dussehra is celebrated on October 4.

It is also called as Vijaya Dashami. Dussehra is the final day of Navratri Durga Puja.

On Dasara, Shami Puja is performed in some places. Mysore Dasara and Kullu Dasara culminate on this day. Ayudha Puja is also one of the main rituals during Dussehra. As this is the last day for Durga Pooja, Goddess is worshipped with utmost devotion. Aparajita is another name of Goddess Shakti. Aparajita Pooja is observed on this day.

In Maharahstra, Simollanghan is celebrated on Dasara. For Kerala people, Vijaya Dashami is a big event. Malayalis perform Vidyarambam for their children on this day. Ramlila, a colourful folk play, is culminated on this day. Durga Visarjan is also performed on Vijaya Dashami.

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Dussehra 2022 date in USA – October 5

Dussehra 2022 date in Canada – October 5

Dussehra 2022 date in UK & other European countries – October 5

Dussehra 2022 date in UAE & other Gulf countries – October 5

Dussehra 2022 date in Singapore – October 5

Dussehra 2022 date in Malaysia – October 5

Dussehra 2022 date in Australia – October 5

Dussehra 2022 date in New Zealand – October 5

Dussehra 2022 date in South Africa & African countries – October 5

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  1. Deepak Gyanchandani says:

    i want to know when is Dasara Navratri in 2022

  2. BHAVANAND says:


  3. Harini says:

    what the difference b/w dusserah and durga puja, i am thinking both will be on same Sep 15, 2017… i am correct?

  4. Jitesh says:

    I like dassara lot, on that day i meet all my childhood friends..

  5. Chintu says:

    Hai maa mere chinti ko sada sukhi rakhana.

  6. sujit says:

    Hai maa durga pujar dine sabaike bhalo rekho, anande rekho.

  7. ramdas says:

    ravan vadh or burning ravana’s effigies is the major celebration on dasara day in our village. we use paper, dry grass, and some sticks in preparing huge effigy of ravana.

  8. atikk sir (919967000555) says:

    india is land of fesivals and rituals of god and i hope all religion people enjoy festival togeather it will only hapen when people stop hatred in eachother heart and accept eachother as indvidual realigious people and i pray god keeps us safe fr politician who break mosque and tempel in order to grab attention of raciest and cast their votes i requeste dr atikk to all indian and whole mankind in world stop comparing religion and holy booksand accept the common terms in every holy book sent fr heaven to mankind to follow at diff times plz b human and think like a nobel child what r we doing today wht examples are we setting for our kids and generations plz make my viewpoint public and i apeel to public orginasation stop raciesm and promote universal brotherhood now enuff is enuff now……..

    dr atikk

  9. Hansa Patel says:

    Happy Dussera to all may all your endeavours be victorious.

  10. dksurroor says:

    i like dussehara puja because this day i use to go to home for enjoy