Dasara, Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami): 24 October 2012

Today, 24 October 2012 is Dasara, Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami). This day culminates Durga Puja in Bengal and Navratri celebrations all over India. Durga Visarjan is performed on this day.

Shami Puja (Jammi Puja / Banni Puja) is a main ritual performed on Dasara day. Shami Tree is worshipped and offered prayers. The legend of Shami Puja is associated with the ‘Agnatha Vasa’ of Pandavas in Mahabharata.

Aparajita Puja is another ritual to be performed on Vijayadasami. Aparajita is another name of Goddess Shakti. As she killed the demons Shambu, Nishumbu, Mahishasura, Raktabija, etc. and remained victorious, she is worshipped as Aparajita (victorious).

Vahana Puja and Ayudha Puja are also performed on Dasara.

Simollanghan is another celebration of Dussehra day. The people of Maharashtra and most of the places of Andhra Pradesh celebrate it in grand manner.

Ravan Dahanotsav, Kumbakarna Dahanotsav, and Indrajeet Dahanotsav is another event for Dussehra. Huge effigies of Ravan, Kumbakaran and Indrajeet are burnt on Vijaya Dashami day.

As Vijayadasami is also considered as Sade Teen Muhurat (best 3 and a half muhurat) in Hindu Astrology, new ventures and programs are started on this day.

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  1. Tarana says:

    do marriages happen during 3 n a half muhurat