Damodara Dwadashi | Shravana Shukla Dwadasi

Damodara Dwadashi or Damodar Dwadasi the auspicious day dedicated to Lord Damodara, one of the names of Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu. Damodar Dwadashi falls on Dwadashi day during Shravan month, next day to Putrada Ekadashi. In 2017, Damodara Dwadashi date is August 4.

On the day of Damodara Dwadashi, the fasting observed on Putrada Ekadashi or Pavitra Ekadasi or Pavitropana Ekadasi, is broken on Damodara Dvadasi day. Two days abstinence from rice and food salt is highly meritorious. Vishnu worship is highly auspicious during this Dvadashi.

Dwadashi, the twelfth thithi during the Hindu month, is most auspicious day dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Dwadashi days in every month are celebrated as festivals in Hinduism.

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